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TED Found in Translation Sessions: An Xiao Mina

An Xiao Mina is a writer, technologist and researcher who studies how internet culture and humor address political issues around the world. On the TEDGlobal 2013 stage, she shares with us what led her to an unusual specialty -- Chinese memes.

“It turns out that internet culture -- a culture of rapid remixing and sharing of memes, or cultural units -- is a compelling force against censorship,” Mina says. ”A peek behind the curtain of the world’s most censored internet has so many corners of creativity as people find new ways to speak out.”

In the TED Found in Translation Session following her talk, An explores the culture of the internet with fellow TEDGlobal Speaker, Hetain Patel, and a global panel of TED Translators. Watch the session now and then continue the conversation on TED Conversations.

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