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Skype at TEDGlobal 2013

Skype became TED's Conversation Partner for TEDGlobal 2013 and inspired worldwide conversations by extending the conference to all corners of the globe. The TED Found in Translation Sessions were based in The Open Translation Project Lounge. The interactive sessions connected TEDGlobal Speakers, Sessions Hosts, Fellows, attendees and TED Translators via Skype to generate inspiring discussions. Many of the sessions took speakers straight from the main stage to Skype, where the global audience could explore the impact and meaning of their chosen topic. Other sessions revealed why the Open Translation Project volunteers translate, what it means to connect with other translators via both language and technology, and the impact it has had on their lives.

The Open Translation Project began with a grassroots spirit and the enthusiasm of people to share TED Talks with friends and relatives who didn't speak English. Today, more than 10,000 translators are working together to translate TED Talks into 98 languages and counting. Skype bridged the gap between the translators and the TED Speakers to break communication barriers, both linguistically and geographically.

Watch the world explore a variety of topics from autonomous drones to internet culture with the TED Found in Translation Sessions.

TED Found in Translation Sessions

  • June Cohen

    June Cohen

    June Cohen is Executive Producer of TED Media. She focuses on how to extend TED in fresh directions, particularly those that help spread ideas such as the Open Translation Project. In this Found in Translation Session, June and a global panel of TED Translators explore what it means to connect with other translators... Read more and watch now »

  • Teddy Cruz

    As urban areas have exploded, a dramatic stratification is taking place. While some parts of cities have become playgrounds for the privileged, others have become home to the poor and marginalized. Often these two very different ways of life exist in close proximity, says Teddy Cruz on the TEDGlobal 2013 stage... Read more and watch now »

  • Erik Hersman

    Erik Hersman nurtures the creativity springing from the African tech community, and helps spread its innovations throughout the world. As he says: "The constant bridging of worlds (African and American) started at such a young age that it has become embedded in my character. I find it easy to switch between cultures and enjoy friends..." Read more and watch now »

  • Pico Iyer

    Pico Iyer

    In this Found in Translation Session, Pico leads a discussion on whether foreignness exists. He notes that with expanded technology, more interaction and increased mixing of languages, it's getting more and more difficult to find a place that is truly foreign. But is the world growing homogeneously or is it in fact as full... Read more and watch now »

  • An Xiao Mina

    An Xiao Mina

    An Xiao Mina is a writer, technologist and researcher who studies how internet culture and humor address political issues around the world. On the TEDGlobal 2013 stage, she shares with us what led her to an unusual specialty – Chinese memes... Read more and watch now »

  • Hetain Patel

    Hetain Patel

    In his compelling stage works, Hetain Patel uses powerful imagery and storytelling to examine questions of identity. As a child, Patel wanted to be Bruce Lee; later, he wanted to be more like his father, with a different kind of bravery. From this question, his new show Be Like Water examines shifting identities of all kinds... Read more and watch now »

  • Daniel Suarez

    Daniel Suarez

    Technology thriller author, most recently of the book Kill Decision, Daniel Suarez took to the stage with this powerful call to action: “We need an international legal framework for robotic weapons, and we need it before there is a devastating attack or incident which causes nations to rush to adopt weapons...” Read more and watch now »