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The new sharing of emotions - Margaret Morris at TED@Intel

Filmed Mar 2013 • Added Apr 2013

Margaret is a clinical psychologist who strives to make technologies that are emotionally helpful. She is a senior research scientist at Intel, where she works closely with engineers and designers to promote emotional connectedness and personal change via social media, mobile phones and embedded sensing. Prior to joining Intel, she was an Experience Modeler at Sapient. Margaret received her BA from Haverford College, her PhD from the University of New Mexico, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship from Stanford University.

TED@Intel was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across Intel's organization. Jointly produced by TED and Intel, the speakers shared ideas and visions about "Future in progress."

TED@Intel is an extension of TED Institute, which is an ongoing program designed to facilitate knowledge exchange between partner organizations and the larger TED community.