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We're proud to introduce the 2014 class of Senior Fellows! These 12 thought-leaders will be joining the TED community for the next two years starting in 2014.

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo (USA) - Artist
New Media artist creating works about memorialization in the form of living video sculptures, digital urns and vending machines that sell human DNA.

Laurel Braitman (USA) - Science historian + writer
American historian and anthropologist of science writing about the mental health of animals and what it means about humans. Her upcoming book Animal Madness, posits that other animals can suffer from mental illness too. And that all of us can recover.

Yana Buhrer Tavanier (Bulgaria) - Activist and social entrepreneur
Human rights activist protecting and promoting the rights of children and adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities; while building do-more-good culture in the Balkans.

Renée Hlozek (South Africa | USA) - Cosmologist
South African cosmologist working to better understand the initial conditions of the universe – the tiny fluctuations that grew to be the large structures we see today, such as galaxies.

Susie Ibarra (USA | Philippines) - Composer, Percussionist + Educator
Filipina-American composer/performer and co-founder of digital music company Song of the Bird King, creates live and immersive music that explores rhythm in Indigenous practices and the natural world.

Christine Lee (US | China) - Bio-archeologist
American bio-archeologist working to uncover and better understand Mongolia's and China's ancient civilizations

Jon Lowenstein (USA) - Photographer
Photographer/filmmaker specializing in long-term, in-depth projects confronting the realms of  power, wealth inequality, and violence -- also working to create a foundation committed to social justice through visual communication.

Alexander McLean (UK | Uganda | Kenya) - African prison activist
Founder of African Prisons Project, an organization working to improve the lives of people living in African prisons through healthcare, education, access to justice and community reintegration. APP identifies, develops and equips prisoners and prison staff to transform their communities.

Sarah Parcak (USA) - Space archaeologist
Archaeologist who uses high resolution and NASA satellite imagery to discover new archaeological sites and "long lost" cities in the pyramid fields, Nile Valley and Delta of Egypt, most of which remain undetected and unexcavated.

James Patten (USA) - Inventor
A US-based inventor who is working to bring our interactions with computers off of the screen and into the physical world.

Usman Riaz (Pakistan) - Composer + artist
Multi-instrumentalist and fine artist passionate about the creative process and using technology as a learning tool to rapidly further our talents.

Camilo Rodriguez-Beltran (Chile | Basque Country |  Benin | Philippines) - Arts + science collaborator
Mexican scientist, filmmaker and art gallery founder focusing on human health, biodiversity and cross-cultural collaboration.