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The TEDIndia Fellows joined the TED community in Mysore, India for TED's first conference in Asia. This diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, activists, doctors, researchers, filmmakers and teachers provides a snapshot of the creativity and innovation emerging from South Asia. Learn how you can become a TED Fellow »

Shandana Minhas (Pakistan) – Print and screen writer; her first novel, Tunnel Vision was published in 2007, she is working on her second

Apurv Mishra (India/Germany) – Founder of Innovator Factor Foundation / Openscientific and inventor of the "Glabenator," a communication system for the physically challenged.

Gaurav Mishra (India) – CEO of social media research and strategy firm 20:20 Social and co-founder of Vote Report India, a citizen-powered election monitoring platform

Shaheen Mistri (India) – CEO of Teach for India, an organization seeking to adapt the Teach for America model to the Indian context

Sunita Nadhamuni (India) – CEO of Arghyam, a charitable Indian foundation with a mission to promote safe, sustainable water for all

Sandhya Naidu Janardhan (India/US) – Architect with Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit sustainable design services firm

Prathamesh Naik (India) – Marketing Director of the Indian School Finance Company, working to alleviate poverty through the for-profit education model

Ashwin Naik (India) – Founder of Vaatsalya, an Indian venture building the country's first network of hospitals in semi-urban and rural areas

Raul Nainwal (India) – Co-founder of iVolunteer, an organization working to promote volunteering in India

Vijay Nair (India) – Founder of Only Much Louder, the first artist management company for indie bands in India

Enda Nasution (Indonesia) – Prominent Indonesian blogger and author of the Politikana blog

Olatunbosun Obayomi (Nigeria) – Biotechnologist focusing on the production of alternative energy from organic wastes

Andy Okoroafor (France) – Founder of Clam, a creative studio that includes Clam Magazine and Clam Films

Gyanesh Pandey (India) – Co-founder of Husk Power Systems, an organization using rice husk to empower more than 5,000 households in over 30 villages

Jasmeen Patheja (India) – Founding member of Blank Noise, a nation-wide, volunteer-led community arts collective triggering public debate on the issue of street sexual harassment

Amruta Patil (India/France) – Writer, artist, co-editor of Mindfields Magazine, a journal about ideas and alternative education

Ashutosh Patra (US) – Appropriate technology engineer developing microbial fuel cells that convert wastewater into clean water and electricity

Manasi Prasad (India) – A Carnatic classical vocalist and classical dancer

Viraj Puri (US) – Co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, a New York-based company working to advance sustainable urban agriculture

Kamal Quadir (Bangladesh) – Founder and CEO of CellBazaar, a mobile phone-based electronic marketplace for developing countries

Aun Rahman (Pakistan) – Pakistan Director for Acumen Fund, a global nonprofit social venture fund

Puneet Rakheja (India/US) – Filmmaker and photographer; he is currently documenting his adventures through India in No Toilet! No Bride! Adventures on a Road Less Travelled

Raghav Rangarajan (India) – Automobile enthusiast and founder of IgNite, an automobile workshop specializing in high-octane car service, performance modifications and race tuning

Aparna Rao (India) – A part of the Bangalore-based artist duo Pors & Rao who works with electro-mechanical systems and interactive installations

Nitin Rao (India/US) – Founder of Engineers for Social Impact, an engineering fellowship, and Let Me Know, an organization informing students about various opportunities throughout India

Rohini Rau (India) – Sailor and the first Indian woman to finish on the podium in an International Olympic Class Regatta

Sharmistha Ray (India) – Abstract painter, art writer and Director of Bodhi Art, a foremost gallery for Contemporary Indian Art

Varun Sahni (India) – India Director for Acumen Fund, a global nonprofit social venture fund

Shahida Saleem (Pakistan) – Founder of Sehat First, a social enterprise providing access to basic health care and pharmaceutical services across Pakistan

Kartick Satyanarayan (India) – Co-founder of Wildlife SOS, an organization pioneering the concept of working with indigenous communities to protect animals

Chirag Shah (India/US) – CEO of Sarvajal, a social enterprise increasing access to pure drinking water and CEO of the Piramal Foundation, which helps India's youth actively participate in national progress

Shiladitya Sengupta (US) – Assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School; assistant professor of Health Sciences and Technology at MIT; co-founder of Cerulean Pharmaceuticals.

Parmesh Shahani (US) – Author of Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)Longing in Contemporary India and PhD candidate in communication

Alanna Shaikh (US/Tajikistan) – Global health and development specialist, and author of the international development focused-blog, Blood and Milk

Rose Shuman (US) – Founder and CEO of Open Mind’s Question Box, an rural information organization utilizing local-language telephone hotlines and live operators

Santosh Sigdel (Nepal) – A Nepali human rights lawyer working for the protection and promotion of freedom of expression in Nepal

Anindya Sinha (India) – Professor and researcher at the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering focusing in primate behavioral ecology

Sandeep Sood (US) – Founder of Monsoon Company, a software consultancy, and lead writer for Badmash.tv, an animation studio

Matthew Spacie (India) – Founder of Magic Bus, a nonprofit helping marginalized children to develop and discover through sport

Chelsea Strayer (US/Ghana) – PhD candidate at Boston University in biological and cultural anthropology studying Asante indigenous healing rituals in Ghana

Arunraj Subbaraj (India/Oman) – Founder of Ashwa Racing, an organization designing and testing Formula SAE race-cars

Roshini Thinakaran (US) – Filmmaker and founder of Women at the Forefront, a multimedia project examining war and conflict through the eyes of women

Jijo Ulahannan (India) – Physicist specializing in nanophotonic systems, nonlinear dynamics and quantum optics

Amit Varma (India) – Author of the bestselling novel My Friend Sancho and the popular blog India Uncut

Gaurav Vaz (India) – Software developer, bass guitarist for The Raghu Dixit Project and co-founder of RadioVerve, India's first and only Internet Radio Station dedicated to playing original indie music

Nikhil Velpanur (India) – Founder of Strange Brew and Letshead.to, a marketplace for food and drink experiences

Pooja Warier (India) – Co-founder and Director of UnLtd India, an organization that finds, funds and supports startup social entrepreneurs

Aparna Wilder (India/US) – Co-founder of Global Rickshaw, an organization producing short films for nonprofit organizations and socially responsible businesses

Tony Yet (China) – Web designer and TED enthusiast behind TEDtoChina.com

Prayas Abhinav (India) – Artist and founder of CitySpinning, an organization working to expand the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces

Praveen Agrawal (India) – CTO and co-founder of LeadInvent Technologies, a venture developing new viable therapeutic lead molecules

Yamini Aiyar (India) – Director of the Accountability Initiative, an organization working to strengthen accountability and engagement in Indian governance processes

Irfan Alam (India) – Founder of the SammaaN Foundation, an social enterprise systematizing the rickshaw business

Awab Alvi (Pakistan) – Dentist, orthodontist and author of Teeth Maestro, a prominent Pakistani political blog

Tahir Amin (US) – Director of Intellectual Property at I-MAK, an organization working to increase access to affordable medicines

Reshma Anand (India) – Founder of Earthy Goods, a venture enabling rural agri-based businesses to be competitive

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe (Nigeria/UK) – Lawyer, filmmaker and founder and CEO of Africa Movie Academy Awards

Kishi Arora (India) – Pastry chef and cakesmith behind Foodaholics baked goods and blog

Zubaida Bai (US/India) – Founder of AYZH, a social enterprise providing livelihood enhancing technologies to rural women

Kavita Baliga (US) – Vocal teacher, choral conductor and recording artist at AR Rahman’s music conservatory in Chennai

Sanjukta Basu (India) – Lawyer, photographer, activist, and prolific writer on topics such as women, gender, sexuality, culture, media and representation

Bristol Baughan (US) – Film director, producer and consultant. Films include: Racing Dreams and By the People: The Election of Barack Obama

Svati Bhogle (India) – CEO of TIDE, a non-profit devoted to promoting sustainable development through technological interventions

Sean Blagsvedt (India) – CEO of Babajob.com, a network connecting employers to informal-sector employees through mobile phones

Jane Chen (India/US) – Co-founder of Embrace, a social enterprise designing and deploying a low-cost infant warmer

Leila Chirayath Janah (US/Kenya) – Founder of Samasource, a social business enabling marginalized people to receive life-changing work opportunities via the Internet

Tanzeem Choudhury (US/Bangladesh) – Assistant professor at Dartmouth currently researching the development of machine-learning techniques for systems that can reason

Siva Cotipalli (India) – Co-founder and CEO of dhanaX, an India-based social lending network for the poor

Satyabrata Dam (India) – Mountaineer, adventurer, and crime fiction author

Anthony Vipin Das (India) – Ophthalmologist and founder of REPOrT, Rural Education and Prevention of OculaR Trauma

Francis de los Reyes III (US) – NC State-based environmental engineer whose teaching and research focuses on water and sanitation for developing countries

Deepti Doshi (India/US) – India Country Representative of Escuela Nueva, a Colombia-based, multi-grade, activity-based pedagogy that has scaled to over 20,000 schools internationally

Rikin Gandhi (India/US) – CEO of Digital Green, a research project disseminating agricultural information to rural Indian farmers through digital video

Pulkit Gaur (India) – Founder of Gridbots, a technology start-up working to make machines more intelligent and user-friendly

Neha Gupta (US) – Computer scientist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, dancer and co-founder of EachOneTeachOne, a website for online volunteer education

Sarath Guttikunda (India) – Founder of UrbanEmissions.Info, a repository of information and research related to air pollution

Asher Hasan (Pakistan/US) – Founder CEO of NAYA JEEVAN, a social enterprise dedicated to providing low-income families with affordable access to quality, catastrophic healthcare

Lisa Heydlauff (India) – Founder and director of Going to School, a creative nonprofit trust that makes magical movies, books and radio for children

Katherine Hill (India) – Energy Portfolio Manager for India at Acumen Fund, supporting investments in micro-drip irrigation, solar lighting and hydro power for rural electrification

J. Adam Huggins (Canada/India) – Documentary photographer; authored "New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India" for the New York Times

Srinivas Kiran Jaggu (India) – Innovation fellow with Stanford-India Biodesign currently developing a novel way to treat emergency patients who need vascular access

Anab Jain (UK/India) – Designer and founder of Superflux, a UK- and India-based "futures" design company, creating opportunities at the intersection of people and technology

Gautam John (India) – Lawyer currently working with the Akshara Foundation and Pratham Books combining his interests in technology and education

Mohan Kandaswamy (India) – Founder of the Oriental Aquamarine Biotech India, a startup working to minimize the water quality problems faced when rearing and maintaining aquatic species

Shalini Kantayya (US) – Filmmaker, eco-activist, educator; her film Drop of Life is a futuristic sci-fi flick about the mounting global water crisis

Siddharth Kara (US) – Author of Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, which provides a business and economic analysis of the global sex trafficking industry

Poonam Bir Kasturi (India) – Industrial designer, mentor and teacher passionate about simple alternative practices in the cycle of production and consumption

Shiva Keshavan (India) – India's three-time Winter Olympian in the high speed sledging sport of luge

Michele Koppes (US/Canda/India) – Glaciologist and geomorphologist with expertise in landscape evolution and change, and glacier dynamics

Anant Kumar (India) – CEO of LifeSpring Hospitals, an expanding chain of maternity hospitals that provide healthcare to low-income women and children in India

Nandu Madhava (India/US) – CEO and founder of mDhil, a startup providing basic health information via mobile phones in India

M.D. Madhusudan (India) – Conservation scientist and co-founder of the Nature Conservation Foundation

Ramesh Manickam (India) – Founder and CEO of Centroid Creative Hubb, an Indian industrial design firm

Raja Manohar (India) – Founder and Managing Director of Hexolabs, a mobile value-added services company with a focus on innovating multilingual, speech-based solutions for emerging markets

Shaffi Mather (India) – Founder of Ambulance Access for All and Education Access for All

Jessica Mayberry (US/India) – Founder of Video Volunteers, an organization working to create a sustainable global "community media network" for the one billion people living on less than two dollars a day

M.Yasmina McCarty (India) – Co-founder and CEO of GreenMango, a virtual marketplace connecting small businesses in the informal economy with their customers

Dina Mehta (India) – Co-founder and managing director of Mosoci India, an international research and ethnography consultancy

Andrew Mendelson (US) – Filmmaker, film/TV editor, and musician; his documentary, A Cricket in the Court of Akbar, chronicles his journey to India to compete in the largest music competition in the state of Rajasthan