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TED is proud to introduce the 2010 TED Senior Fellows! Selected from among the 65 Fellows that attended TED2009 and TEDGlobal 2009, the 20 individuals listed below comprise the inaugural class of TED Senior Fellows. Benefits of the program include attending five additional TED conferences (TED and TEDGlobal), participating in five Senior Fellows pre-conferences, the potential to deliver a full-length talk on the TED University or main TED stage, and the possibility to have that talk posted on TED.com.

Adrian Hong (US/North Korea/South Korea) – Director, The Pegasus Project; former director, Liberty in North Korea

Juliette LaMontagne (US) – Education consultant; innovation facilitator

Alexander MacDonald (US) – Economist, NASA Ames Research Center

Juliana Machado-Ferreira (Brazil) – Biologist, SOS FAUNA; PhD candidate, Sao Paulo University

VK Madhavan (India) – Executive Director, Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (Chirag)

Naomi Natale (Italy/US) – Founder, One Million Bones, a large-scale social activism art installation

Alexander Petroff (US/Democratic Republic of the Congo) – Founder, Working Villages International

Juliana Rotich (Kenya/US) – Co-founder, Ushahidi.com; blogger, Afromusing and Global Voices

Mohammad Tauheed (Bangladesh) – Architect; founder, ArchSociety

Taghi Amirani (Iran/UK) – Documentary filmmaker, Amirani Films

Rachel Armstrong (UK) – Teaching fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture; physician; science-fiction author

Frederick Balagadde (Uganda/US) – Research scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; co-inventor of the microchemostat, a medical diagnostic chip

Faisal Chohan (Pakistan) – CEO, Cogilent Solutions; founder, Brightspyre, Pakistan’s largest online job portal

Colleen Flanigan (US) – Fine artist; stop-motion armaturist, coral reef restoration expert

Gabriella Gómez-Mont (Mexico) – Founder, Tóxico Cultura, a Mexico City-based artistic think tank

Jonathan Gosier (US/Uganda) – Founder, Appfrica, a business incubator in Kampala

Peter Haas (US/Haiti/Guatemala) – Founder, Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)

Erik Hersman (Kenya) – Co-founder, Ushahidi.com; blogger, AfriGadget and White African