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We're excited to announce the 2012 TED Senior Fellows. These 12 outstanding individuals will be joining the TED community for four conferences over the next two years! Learn more about the Senior Fellowship program »

Walid Al-Saqaf (Yemen | Sweden) - Anti-censorship activist
Yemeni programmer and founder of Yemen Portal, and creator of alkasir -- free software that gives individuals access to blocked websites.

Eric Berlow (US) - Ecological networks scientist
American ecologist and entrepreneur researching networks and environmental sustainability.

Jane Chen (US | India) - Infant health entrepreneur
Co-founder of Embrace, a social enterprise now shipping a low-cost infant warmer to Indian clinics.

Anthony Vipin Das (India) - Eye doctor + entrepreneur
Ophthalmologist and founder of REPOrT, Rural Education and Prevention of Ocular Trauma, focusing on preventing eye injuries.

Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz (Venezuela | US) - Culture curator
Venezuelan editor, writer and co-founder of The Gopher Illustrated magazine and the Plantanoverde Foundation, a platform for emerging artists.

Meklit Hadero (Ethiopia | US) - Singer + songwriter
Ethopian American singer, songwriter and recording artist working on bridging the Ethiopian Diaspora living in the United States with Ethiopians in Ethiopia, through her organization The Arba Minch Collective.

Marcin Jakubowski (Poland | US)
A Polish-American developing the Global Village Construction Set, a DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform of the 50 industrial machines necessary to build from scratch a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

Teru Kuwayama (US | Afganistan) - Crisis photographer
American photojournalist covering humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Iraq, and founder of Basetrack, an open source embedded media project that changes the relationship between war news and the families of soldiers and Marines.

Suzanne Lee (UK) - Fashion designer
A British artist and fashion designer who "grows" clothing with bacteria.

Sey Min (Korea) - Media artist
A Korean data-visualization designer who works with live data sets to creatively and accurately visualize information from data sets that otherwise would be indecipherable.

Nina Tandon (US) - Tissue engineering researcher
An American electrical engineer and research scientist who explores how electrical stimulation encourages tissue growth.

Skylar Tibbits (US) - Architect + computer scientist
An American artist and computational architect working on "smart" components that can assemble themselves.

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