Uma Adwani: The hidden messages in multiplication

About this talk: For months Uma Adwani struggled to make a living in a new city, until she was hired to teach a subject she loathed most: math. Growing up Adwani despised the subject, but as she developed lesson plans for her class, she began to fall in love with its magic, poetry and symmetry. In this talk, Adwani shares the secret wisdom she’s found hidden in multiplication tables.

About this speaker

Uma Adwani is a billing supervisor at UPS’s global service center in Pune, India. She grew up a math-hater in a small town in India, at one point proposing that she was allergic to numbers. But this all changed when she was assigned to teach math as a primary school teacher in the Indian metropolis of Pune. She discovered something magical in multiplication tables, and her love story with math began. Uma earned a bachelor’s in education with a concentration in psychology & educational techniques from Amravati University. She also received a master’s in commerce from Amravati University.

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In times of lightning-paced transformation, one thing stands true: daring human imagination can solve our most intractable problems. In the third year of partnership, TED@UPS 2017 speakers asked: “What if?” They unveiled the potential of global interconnectivity, and, ultimately, what it means to evolve in a world spinning ever faster.

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