Jennifer Allison: Art and awe as healing

About this talk: For artist Jennifer Allison, everyday sounds can be overwhelming, certain clothes feel like rubbing against a cactus, and the number four is always royal blue. Allison suffers from a neurological condition called Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which causes her brain to react to stimuli in illogical and sometimes painful ways. Through her wild, yet intimate life story, Allison shares her attempts to cope with SPD, and how rediscovering art saved her life and transformed her world “from pain and chaos to mesmerizing awe and wonder.”

About this speaker

At UPS, Jennifer Allison designs applications that allow customers to complete complex tasks that feel simple. Inspired by her personal experiences, she leads her UX team with a rare philosophy: designing solutions for disabled users will ultimately improve the experience for all customers. A user interface designer by day, by night, she is an artist. She is an avid painter, and has published several coloring books featuring her work. Jennifer graduated from the American College for the Applied Arts in Atlanta with a bachelor’s in commercial art. She is known by friends and fans online as “Rambunctious Kid.”

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In times of lightning-paced transformation, one thing stands true: daring human imagination can solve our most intractable problems. In the third year of partnership, TED@UPS 2017 speakers asked: “What if?” They unveiled the potential of global interconnectivity, and, ultimately, what it means to evolve in a world spinning ever faster.

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