Jeff Kozak: Lessons from a former Air Force pilot on counterintuitive thinking

About this talk: Former Air Force Reserve Colonel Jeff Kozak once saved his company $500,000 in just 10 days by approaching a jet fuel problem with a seemingly backwards strategy. Kozak’s success resulted in the development of a new, optimized process for mid-air refueling that was initially resisted by many in his industry. On the TED@UPS stage, he explains why the secret to innovation lies in embracing ideas that may initially cause friction, but ultimately should be given a chance.

About this speaker

For Jeff Kozak’s first assignment in the Air Force, he flew strategic airlifts during Desert Storm, transporting everything from military troops, to vehicles and munitions. Maximizing fuel efficiencies for the long flight legs between Europe and the Middle East was essential for success. His abilities to plan, execute and be precise were fine-tuned during his time as a pilot transporting United States leadership. Today, he continues to move fuel part-time into contested environments. He spends the rest of his working life at UPS, where he applies his expertise to implementing a new fueling strategy. Jeff earned his bachelor’s from the University of Nevada in business management and holds a master’s in aviation management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

About this event

In times of lightning-paced transformation, one thing stands true: daring human imagination can solve our most intractable problems. In the third year of partnership, TED@UPS 2017 speakers asked: “What if?” They unveiled the potential of global interconnectivity, and, ultimately, what it means to evolve in a world spinning ever faster.

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