Suzanne Duncan: The dark side of storytelling

About this talk: Suzanne Duncan is a story skeptic. She explains what happens when our protective imagination drives a false narrative. Sometimes, she says, the everyday stories we tell ourselves - and how we think about our role in those stories - can do more harm than good.

To learn more from the Center for Applied Research on storytelling and the future of work, watch a lesson from TED@StateStreet: Why the stories we tell can change the world – for the better.

About this speaker

Suzanne Duncan is a senior vice president and the global head of research for State Street’s Center for Applied Research. She is passionate about creating and sharing new ideas, and has won multiple awards for groundbreaking research and delivery.

About this event

TED@StateStreet Boston was a TED-curated event celebrating speakers from across the State Street community. Produced in partnership with State Street, the event showcased the power of collaboration in the never-ending challenge to build a better world.

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