Sahil Sethi: Can .7% of corporate profits fund the world’s biggest problems?

About this talk: The United Nations has set a goal to free the world from hunger, poverty and HIV related deaths. But where does the money come from? Conscious capitalist Sahil Sethi identifies a sector resource-rich enough to make the UN’s ambitious goals a reality: the corporate world. By donating .7% of their annual profits to the UN goals, he believes corporations can make a game-changing positive impact on our global community.

About this speaker

Born in India and raised across three continents, Sahil Sethi believes capitalism should be a force for good and business should be done for the betterment of society. He is also passionate about getting charities and social organisations plugged into the enterprise economy to make them more sustainable. He works as a Defined Contribution Investment Strategist at State Street Global Advisors in London, helping clients deliver better defined contribution plans for their members.

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