Hu Liang: Crowd-sourced investing

About this talk: Making the case for collective intelligence, Hu Liang offers a case study of an investment program that incorporated social media crowd sourcing and produced dramatically improved performance over typical trading systems.

About this speaker

Hu is responsible for all business and product strategies and management of the newly formed State Street Global Exchange business in Asia Pacific, which focuses on delivering front office data, analytics and trading solutions. Prior to joining State Street through the Currenex acquisition, he was a consultant and researcher. He founded a technology startup in Silicon Valley at the epicenter of the social revolution. Currently based in Hong Kong, Hu was born in Beijing, China, before moving to the US at age nine.

About this event

TED@State Street was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across the State Street organization. Jointly produced by TED and State Street, the event explored the forces driving change today and the different ways that we can harness them.

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