Sadasivan Shankar: Designing materials one atom at a time

About this talk: The elements in the periodic table were created over billions of years and are rarely supplemented with new elements. Not for long. Sadasivan Shankar reveals that thanks to the increasing computing power now available, researchers are inverse designing entirely new materials, designed one atom at a time, to have the specific properties needed for an infinite number of applications.

About this speaker

Sadasivan is Program Leader for Materials Design in Design and Technology Solutions within TMg. Using quantum and atomic techniques, Sadasivan and his team work closely with the process engineers in designing new materials with targeted functionalities for nanotechnologies. He is a co-inventor in over 20 patent filings and co-author of 100 external publications, presentations, and lectures. Sadasivan is a marathon runner, voracious reader, and interested in science, its history, and education.

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