Wobbly World: Diversity in harmony

About this performance: As 12 musicians from disparate cultures harmonize their eastern and western scales, they show the long bridges that music can build.

About this group

Wobbly World is a group of internationally recognized musicians and singers from an ever-expanding list of countries: Morocco, the Netherlands, Bolivia, Lebanon, Cuba, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Palestine, Trinidad and the U.S. Founded by guitarist Freddy Clarke, the music ethno-layers melody, poetry and meaning from disparate musical traditions. Yet despite this diversity, the music soars with a deep sense of cohesion. Wobbly World is built on the idea that the unity of music speaks to the unity of life, and that the freedom to enjoy music without borders leads us to enjoy people without borders.

About this event

TED@IBM was a TED-curated event produced in partnership with IBM. The third installment of TED@IBM brought a diverse collection of speakers and performers who recognize that ingenuity starts with one thing: a spark. And regardless of where the spark takes hold, inspiration demands action to reach its greatest potential.

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