James Kozloski: Why the brain is simpler than we think

About this talk: If you’re diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, your treatment would be no more effective today than on the day of its discovery … in 1872. Why has progress treating brain diseases been so slow? After 20 years of research, neuroscientist James Kozloski has come to a startling conclusion: Scientists are thinking too small. He looks past the usual genes that cause the diseases with a new brain model that maps the brain’s core components and connects them into a single circuit. The implications of his research carry weight for Huntington’s, and far beyond.

About this speaker

Dr. James Kozloski manages IBM’s Computational Neuroscience & Multiscale Brain Modeling department. His research reframes the brain as a single circuit, potentially reshaping how we find and treat brain diseases. But the possible impact of Kozloski’s work stretches far beyond healthcare: further demystification of the brain will inform the future of computing through the brain-inspired software that electronics are increasingly built upon. He is an IBM Master Inventor.

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TED@IBM was a TED-curated event produced in partnership with IBM. The third installment of TED@IBM brought a diverse collection of speakers and performers who recognize that ingenuity starts with one thing: a spark. And regardless of where the spark takes hold, inspiration demands action to reach its greatest potential.

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