Ise Lyfe: We are not mud

About this talk: "How will this generation define itself?" asks spoken word artist Ise Lyfe. Accompanied by cellist Michael Feckses, Lyfe challenges those in Silicon Valley to reflect and embrace humanity as technology progresses.

About this speaker

Ise Lyfe is an award-winning spoken word artist and performer, in addition to educator, community organizer and activist, from Oakland, California. His latest conceptual art project, Brighter Than Blight, transformed a blighted condemned housing project into a life-sized exhibition and artistic narrative on housing as a human right. His one-man show based on his book, Pistols and Prayers, addresses American apathy and resilience throughthe lens of the generation born into the crack epidemic.

About this event

TED@IBM was a TED-curated event produced in partnership with IBM. The third installment of TED@IBM brought a diverse collection of speakers and performers who recognize that ingenuity starts with one thing: a spark. And regardless of where the spark takes hold, inspiration demands action to reach its greatest potential.

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