Sandra Rey: Pollution-free lights, powered by microbes

About this talk: Designer Sandra Rey has found a way to channel one of nature’s superpowers: bioluminescence. By isolating the DNA that causes some squids to glow, and introducing it into bacteria, she’s created a light source that can glow for three days -- without generating the usual pollution. Her idea is still in development, but Rey makes a spirited case that this is a bold first step toward changing the way we light our world.

About this speaker

As the founder and CEO of Glowee, a Paris-based startup, BCG's Sandra Rey is betting on a future powered by bioluminescence. Rey has a master’s degree from the French design school Strate College and took social entrepreneurship courses at the business school ESCP Europe.

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TED@BCG Paris embraced the concept of continuous change. To manage the growing complexities of this new normal, speakers sought inspiration from history and biology to describe creative, imaginative, unexpected ways ahead.

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