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Coming to your nose: Scent playlists that could boost your well-being

A new technology aspires to harness the powerful human sense of smell to enhance our daily lives. Someday this approach might even be used to benefit our health. How is this possible? Step one: Just inhale.
Posted Jun 2019

Arenas and zoos can be overwhelming for children with autism. Here’s how one kid’s parents are trying to help.

Julian Maha and Michele Kong have been grabbed, yelled at, and criticized in public places when their son had a meltdown. So they started an organization that helps families like theirs feel welcome wherever they go.
Posted Jun 2018

How to hear the world through your back

Neuroscientist David Eagleman explains his latest invention, the “versatile extra-sensory transducer,” a vest installed with tiny motors that can convert sound and noise into vibrations on the back, allowing deaf people to hear the world through vibrations.
Posted Mar 2015