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  • Close up and personal 8
    Close up and personal
    Curated by TED These photographers capture beautiful but sobering images, using their art to help fight for social justice.
  • Natural wonder 8
    Natural wonder
    Curated by TED Follow the camera's eye to every stunning corner of the planet -- from the African veldt to the Amazon rainforest to the teeming world under the...
  • The power of film 12
    The power of film
    Curated by TED Few things are as magical as sitting back in a theater with a hushed crowd to enjoy a film, but what you see on the screen isn't everything. Hear...
  • The artist is in. 14
    The artist is in.
    Curated by TED Why create? Artists and designers share their work, their process and their vision in these deeply personal -- and often hilarious -- talks.

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