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  • The artist is in. 14
    The artist is in.
    Curated by TED Why create? Artists and designers share their work, their process and their vision in these deeply personal -- and often hilarious -- talks.
  • Architectural inspiration 8
    Architectural inspiration
    Curated by TED Master architects share their vision for buildings that inflate, float, twist and glitter, while artfully addressing the challenges faced by their...
  • Design of useful things 11
    Design of useful things
    Curated by TED Quirky, fascinating talks about the design of practical things we all need, whether we know it or not.
  • Craftsmanship 9
    Curated by TED What feels so good about getting your hands dirty and making something? The following talks speak to the art of craft.
  • Design giants 13
    Design giants
    Curated by TED From graphics to products, check out these talks by some of the world's greatest designers.
  • Sustainability by design 8
    Sustainability by design
    Curated by TED Humans are builders and creators -- but how can we build thoughtfully, without waste? These talks explore sustainable design -- both past and...

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