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Theme: Transforming Passion into Success

This event occurred on
November 8, 2013
2:00pm - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Bacau, Bacău

In the last years, both TED and TEDx had a huge impact on society, a positive impact that made us realize how necessary this type of event is for a small city such as Bacau and how it could connect the local community with brand new ideas that would transform it into a better place for living where people of all ages could develop.

For TEDxBacau, we choose a theme that is addressed especially to students, but not only, because people of all ages may resonate with it. The recent success stories have inspired us to choose the theme: ”Transforming Passion into Success”. So, the great thinkers and doers, inspired entrepreneurs, professors with a progressive manner of thinking and students with excellent results, came together and were able to share their ideas, passions and experiences, in order to encourage the spectators to get actively involved and to have the courage to develop their own ideas.

The participants have the unique chance to get inspired from the true stories of the successful people, transmitted in a friendly environment. At the end of the event, the participants may discover new ways of using their abilities to create a new path to success.

“Believe in your own capacities, start from nothing and it’s from that nothing that something great shall be created” it’s exactly what TEDxBacau is meant to demonstrate and gently teach. The purpose of TEDxBacau is to encourage its participants to believe in their own strengths and to make the firsts steps towards fulfilling their dreams and transforming their ideas into success.

So, the mission of TEDxBacau is to become a stimulus for the participant’s further actions; by means of well considered examples, they (the audience) may find the necessary motivation to make positives changes both in the personal life and for the life of the local communities.

Aula Universitatii Vasile Alecsandri
Calea Marasesti, nr. 157
Bacau, Bacău, 600115
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Adrian Colibaba

Born in the heart of Bucovina, Adrian Colibaba is part of the Bacau's Ambulance Service medical team. After graduating from Iasi Medicine School, he dedicated 9 years to the emergency medicine. "Let us offer!" is his motto and also his motivation that makes him involve in a variety of educational projects, mainly on learning how to offer the first aid. He has been working in the Ambulance service for as long as he can tell and he is one of the lucky ones to do this as his first passion in life.

Alexandra Marcu

At only 18 years old, Alexandra Flavia Marcu already climbed the highest volcanoes in the world, while being a National Olympic at French and Citizen of Honour of the city of Deva, Romania. “Impossible” seems to be only an word for this brave teenager who represents Romania on some of the highest peaks of the world: Mont Blanc (France), Uhuru-Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Kazbek (Georgia), Damavand (Iran) and Giluwe (Oceania and Australia). As for the latest conquest, Alexandra had to travel to Chile, where she climbed the highest active volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado (6.893 meters), becoming one of the youngest people in the world who reached this peak. As if this was not enough, Alexandra is also the youngest climber in Europe who reached the top of Pico de Orizaba volcano (Mexico) and the youngest Romanian to climb Kazbek massif in Georgia.

Alexandru Glod

Alex Glod is a Storyteller and co-founder of Stai Să-ți Povestesc, a Storytelling training company and community of practice based in Bucharest, Romania. He is the author of Be Who? Be Me! and How To Be AWESOME: The Life Manifesto and has travelled all across Europe to harvest stories and ideas worth implementing back home. He advocates for the power of personal stories, more effective methods of education, leadership and marketing through storytelling and a much more positive vision regarding Romania’s future development.

Andrei Rosu

Andrei Rosu is father of two children, endurance athlete, national and world record holder, supporter of various social projects, and the list could continue. In the 90s, Andrei began his careers as part of “Gaz pe foc” Band, but gave up music for a career in finance. A bigger change came in 2010 when he discovered running. Far from being an athlete, Andrei chose as his first great challenge to take a marathon at the North Pole. This was followed by other seven marathons and seven ultra- marathons on seven continents, record which has been awarded with a place in the Wolrd Guinness Book of Records. Then, still looking for new challenges, he discovered cycling and swimming and began to participate in ultra-triathlons. In July 2015, he has undergone a route from London to Paris, consisting of 140 km of running, about 50 km of swiming and another 300 km of biking, becoming therefore the first Romanian to swim the English Channel (in 20h and 44min).

Cristiana Stancu

Born in ‘91, in Bucharest, Cristiana revealed her artistic skills at an early age (3 years). A few years later, at age 9, he began to leanr the art of karate. After 9 years of exceptional results, 9 years in which she earned all the possible medals in all the categories she attended, Cristiana made the transition to kempo, kickboxing and later to MMA. She is the first woman that fought in SUPERKOMBAT, one of the most important competitions in the world of kickboxing. Cristiana has also a degree in Theology, Sacred Art Specialization and still paints with passion and dedication, gracious holy icons.

Eliza Nitescu

Marketing Manager, entrepreneur, volunteer for the PAVEL Association and the Saint Irina Foundation, Eliza Nitescu is an event organizer, a runner and an amateur alpinist. In 2014, Eliza conquered the highest peak of the Alps, being the first time she has ever reached the top of a mountain. Then in August 2015, she climbed to the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro. Both ascents were made to support the humanitarian cause of the children with cancer. With a strong trust in the power of the human nature, Eliza is constantly motivated by her passion for development and a remarkable inner desire to support those who truly need it.

George Balta

Born in 1986 in Bucharest, George Balta was and still is a champion. He started playing rugby at the age of 10, excelling in this sport until an accident, which could have been fatal, left him immobilized. George Balta is the living proof that there are supermen. Many would have given up after such a tragedy, but not George. Natural born fighter, he chose to do everything in his power to return, to recover, to have a normal life.

Marius Dragus

Magitot is a magician that entertains the public in a new way with his shows and stand-up comedy sessions.

Marius Stefan

Stefan is a student passioned about mentalism. Excels for more than five years in mentalism and since then works intensively to be the best and to bring something new and original.

Mircea Serediuc

Mircea Constantin Serediuc or Tzury as friends like to call him spent more than 8 years being a volunteer for various Romanian NGOs. "I want to make people smile!" This is the main reason why he is always in search of new adventures and new challenges, in and outside the Romanian borders. One day, Mircea decided to take the joy of volunteering abroad. So, he started a crowdfunding campaign called Continental Rush which has raised over € 4,000 and allowed him to help people and find smiles in Africa, Asia, and America, for more than 5 months. Back in Iasi, he decided to get actively involved in the local community by taking part in various projects and debates, where he hopes to find and train the next leaders of Moldavia and even of Romania.

Timotei Rad

Timotei Rad is the first Romanian who hitchhiked around the world. So far, he did more than 210,000 kilometers and he plans to continue his adventures. From an early age, Timothy was fascinated by the idea of traveling, but, unfortunately, as Romania was still under communism, his chances to do it, were more of an impossible dream. At the age of 27, while he was studying for his BA, he needed to read old manuscripts from the libraries of London, Paris, Leipzig, Vienna and Padova and since he had no money, he was forced to hitchhike to get there and then, the true story began. "First I left to Siberia with 70 euros! Since then, I visited 78 countries in 3 years! Puro Dedo – just with my thumb!"

Vali Racila

Vali grew up with Jimi Hendrix, BB King, and other brilliant musicians, who made him get to know and then fall in love with blues music. The perfect expression of the human heart, blues music was created by people who expressed themselves throughout music. It's the simplest type of music done by ordinary people for ordinary people. Vali is also a psychologist, one who is 100% dedicated to the persons with special needs. It’s a true call that made him leave the recording studio and move where people most needed him. For years, Vali has collaborated with different centers in Bacau County to create more and more activities that combine theater, storytelling, drawing, movement, music and singing. Thanks to his dedication and his expertise in the human nature, every day Vali helps dozens of adults in difficulty to discover a certain talent or their inner artist, thus, to find the motivation to keep on expressing themselves and, the least but not the least, to enjoy life.

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Bacau , Romania
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