x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
November 22, 2013
6:30pm - 8:00pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Miami, Florida
United States

Selected youth in South Florida, ages 6 through 25, will share an idea that evokes passion, solicits curiosity and ignites creativity in others. In the spirit of TED and TEDx, these young people will create a positive global impact through their ideas worth spreading. This event will be live streamed globally.

2013 Presenters

Jared Keinert
Calling All Young Entrepreneurs
Jared’s pursuit of inspiring young adults…under 20…to be innovative thinkers and social entrepreneurs has led him to be named Forbes’ “Definition of a Social Entrepreneur’ at age 17.

Lauren Maunus
The Persuasive Power of Passion: From Love to Legislation
A 15 year old’s compassionate advocacy for legislation for her sister and others who suffer from food allergies has affected change in national school policy from her own doorsteps to Capitol Hill.

McCall Horton
Shoes for the Unshoed
From being inspired from reading the book ‘Holes’ in a mother-daughter book club, McCall became passionate about collecting shoes for the unshoed.

Philip Koenig
Engaging Miami’s Youth for One Common Goal
A college student’s commitment to bring civic engagement to the forefront by teaching over a 1,000 Miami Dade County middle school students how to be effective leaders.

Anyssa Chebbi
Leadership Matters
From the perspective gained from personal experience, Anyssa will share the most influential ingredients to being a leader.

Haley Oberhofer
A Universal Expression
Haley’s appreciation for lighting up one’s life through the universal expression of a ‘smile’…has led her to pursue her passion.

Michael Anthony Espino
The Art of Motion
Growing up in the heart of the city provided challenges for Michael to fulfill his love for dance. Through perseverance in moving from practices in parking lots to studios, Michael’s creativity emerged to bringing his team and he to national recognition.

Noa Richard
Disconnect to Reconnect
A 13 year old’s deep appreciation for our natural world and its experiences, inspired in her upbringing in the Waldorf schools’ philosophy, provides a thoughtful message of disconnecting in order to reconnect, and highlights the importance of nurturing and preserving human interactions in today’s tech-obsessed society.

Josiah Mozloom
The Power of Imagination
From creating ‘flapperators’ or ‘clapperators’, a nine year old’s imagination makes all things possible. Set your imagination free and experience how unstructured time and creativity effectively challenge the notion of boredom.

Max Blum
Sailing to Success
Max’s experiences through sailing have helped him learn the meaning of and results that come from persevering in his every day life.

Sarah Newberry
Sailing On…..
Returning to stage three years after her first TEDx talk, Sarah will share how this event inspired her to pursue the United States’ Olympic Development Team.

James (Woody) Beckham
Woody will teach us that overcoming a devastating injury comes from sheer determination and inspiration.

Jay Flores
Growing with S.T.E.M.
A young man’s lifelong passion for S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) inspires youth to see, hear and feel its real-life application in their daily lives.

Miami Arts Charter High School Choir

The Adrienne Arsht Center
1300 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida, 33132
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Miami, FL, United States
  • Lisa Herbert
    Event coordinator
  • Arvi Balseiro
  • Naomi Siegler
  • Sheryl Rudnick
    Adminsitrative Assistant
  • Ivonne Labrada-Leichtling
    Public Relations/Fundraising
  • Silvia Faidutti
  • Cindy Ley-Sepe
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jill Sevilla
  • Jennifer Geimer
  • Cheryl Rogers
  • Katherine Spear
    Parent liason
  • Michelle Fotiadis
    Communications consultant