x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Ideas of the Sparkling City

This event occurred on
September 1, 2012

We believe that Surabaya is the city of so many talented people which unexposed yet. We wanna be a catalist for those people to the global world.

Auditorium Universitas Ciputra
UC Town, Citraland
Surabaya, 60219
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Tanadi Santoso

Tanadi Santoso is an entrepreneur with SAM design and Pipiland as his business. Tanadi is very happy with the growth of Surabaya in the last 5 years. This proves that the investors are seeing opportunity in Surabaya. If Surabaya wants to grow bigger, then Surabaya should do five things. Those things are positive attitude, understand the direction of future growth, better communication means, the will to do more and the last is good knowledge so that this city can be the city that we want.

Jerry Gogapasha

Jerry Gogapasha is a genuine entertainer. With his skill as a magician and ventriloquist, he has widely known both in Indonesia and the world. The name of Jerry Gogapasha becomes more famous since he follows Mencari Bakat held by TRANS TV. Jerry usually shows his skill as a magician, but on that event he is showing his ventriloquist skill with his doll called Piko.

Surabaya Cello Ensamble

SCE, the abbreviation of Surabaya Cello Ensemble, is an orchestra music group composed of a number of talented young people who believe that classic music is music for every people. By appearing in TEDxTugupahlawan, they wish that there are more people who love listening to classic music.

Jiewa Vieri

Jie, Jiewa Vieri’s nickname, is a food blogger in his blog called inijie.com. His skill in reviewing food has made a number of people consider him as a good cook. But in reality he is not one, furthermore he could not differentiate the ingredient that is used. His talent as food blogger and food photographer is gotten accidently as the result of his hobby of taking the picture of his food before he eats them. Nowadays, food photography has become his every day work and has convinced a number of restaurant in Surabaya until Singapore to use his service. P.S. never see his photo as you are going to droll. LOL

Agus Koecink

Agus Koecink is a visual artist who came from Surabaya. His work has been spread out in some area like Jakarta and Bali. Furthermore, they also has been exposed by Europe media especially from France. Agus Koecink believes that artists from Surabaya have huge potency to enter international world, but unfortunately the government does not give enough space to them to develop further because they are still being considered not too useful for Indonesia’s wealth. In his opinion, the number one requirement for an artist to go international is having both vision and network. This requirement is a must so that they have the needed knowledge as well as what they have to do in the future.

Astrid Wiratna

Astrid Wiratna is a psychologist and a public speaker. In her spare time, she is the lecturer of several universities, one of it is Universitas Ciputra Surabaya. She also often write for some huge mass media like Jawa Pos. In 1984, Astrid has won the best woman figure of Surabaya. Astrid believes that physically, Surabaya is becoming a metropolitan but in the inside the people still get along very well one another. In the future, Astrid wishes public service in Surabaya as well as Surabaya’s hospitality can develop further in order to help the people of Surabaya to befriend with the bigger society.

Prigi Arisandi

Prigi Arisandi is an environment activist who loves being called River Defender. His reason in becoming an activist is because he worries the river condition in Surabaya in which not proper to be consumed. 75 tons waste in being thrown to the river every day and has pollute both the river and nearby environment. Through Ecoton, he tries to defend the river in Surabaya and make people realize the important of water in our future life.

Tony Antonio

Tony Antonio is the Rector of Universitas Ciputra Surabaya who lives in Surabaya since 6 years ago. Tony believes that Surabaya has a great future especially on business sector. In his opinion, the economy growth of Surabaya is the highest among other city in Indonesia. That’s why he suggest that Surabaya should have some good entrepreneurs so that they can become the catalyst for Surabaya’s growth especially in economy sector.

Adhicipta Wirawan

Adhicipta Wirawan is the founder and the executive director of Animotion, an animation company in Surabaya in which is trying to penetrate international market using its newest project called The Adventure of Wanara. The Adventure of Wanara is a creative project in the shape of comic, novel, game and animation that is made by Indonesian who has international vision in their minds. The adventure of Wanara is a developed story of Ramayana. He believes that the local content of Indonesia can penetrate international market as long as they are built awesomely.

Potehi Gudo

Potehi Gudo is a group who shows traditional art of Tiong Hoa, wayang potehi. Their member’s background is varied one another and they centered in a temple in Gudo, Jombang. Even if they have different background and most of them are poor, they agree to save this art from its end by showing them in a regular event. Every Potehi Gudo’s personnel know that their traditional art is an art that will not attract the attention of government. But they wish that after they appear in TEDxTuguPahlawan, wayang Potehi can be recognized as part of Indonesian culture.

Organizing team


Surabaya, Indonesia