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Theme: Celebration of Teaching

This event occurred on
March 31, 2012
12:00pm - 8:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Amman, ٰĀmmān (Al ٰĀşimah)

TEDxAmmanTeachers is an opportunity to bring teachers together with multiple goals.

One of the goals is to celebrate teaching by putting teachers on stage to tell stories, share insights and give 'the talk of a lifetime'.

This is a way to generate content- exemplars- that can be shared and used by other educators as a classroom resource. This content would be curated in an effort to build out on-line educational resources and further the mission of identifying rock star teachers.

Additionally, TEDxAmmanTeachers will be curated as a custom event, tailored specifically for classroom teachers.

Of the 25 speakers, 15 will be teachers who have been nominated by themselves or their peers. The remainder of the day will be curated with music, performances and tech demos to offer new ideas for teachers to take back to their classrooms. To this end TEDxAmmanTeachers is also designed to serve as a day of professional development in which teachers can look at and talk about each others' practice.

TEDxAmmanTeachers will also offer cutting-edge educational resources to the attendees (thanks to partners) and opportunities to collaborate around teaching best practices during the breaks. This is done in collaboration with the partners of TEDxAmmanTeachers who will make available technology for demos, opportunities to network and insight into the latest research on teaching and learning.

TEDxAmmanTeachers seeks to do more than host events but to build communities that will continue to meet and collaborate (with support) for attendees to connect both before and after the event and continue the dialogue.

The content at TEDxAmmanTeachers events will focus on some specific goals to cultivate content that can both improve teacher practice and be used by teachers in classrooms. This would be meta-cognitive talks where teachers share their practices and approaches to teaching innovation.

Those who are present at TEDxAmmanTeachers will be asked to do share talks that may fall into one of the following genres:

* Present a ‘Dig deeper’ on specific topics or content that already exists Ex. Hans Rosling- taking specific segments of this.
* Multiple perspectives on any one topic: having a 2 person discussion like might happen in a classroom and try it to see what the post-production values might be.
* Telling a story.
* Teachers speaking to a concept while connecting it in unexpected ways to another concept.
* Model blended learning ideas- use technology in innovative and unorthodox ways.
* Engage the audience- offer opportunities to participate and co-construct knowledge.

Al-Hussein Cultural Center
Greater Amman Municipality
Ras Al-Ein
Amman, ٰĀmmān (Al ٰĀşimah)
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Teachers (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Amman, Jordan
  • Sara Dudin
    Sponsorship Manager
  • Yanal Abdel Rahim
    Volunteers Manager
  • Dina Batshon
    Social Media Manager
  • Maha Darwish
    Performers Manager
  • Dalia Khattab
    ACS Ambassador
  • Salma Tabari
    Speakers Liaison
  • Eyad Al Azab
    Speakers & Performers Coordinator
  • Omar Abdelhaq
    Technical Manager
  • Rayya Abu Ghosh
    Creativity Space Manager