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This event occurred on
November 3, 2012
Houston, Texas
United States

This year, we're excited to announce several new suprises. A new time of year, a new location, and new ideas to resonate with the world. We'll explore the relationships between simplicity and complexity; we'll search within and imagine without; and we'll once again examine the full spectrum of diverse voices that resonate around us.

Resonance, at its fullest, can dramatically change reality. Fine glass sings at its resonant frequency; and if the oscillations breach a threshold, resonance will shatter the vessel. This interplay between what resonates with us and how we react is a fascinating metaphor for the exchange of ideas, especially in the multicultural, diverse and exciting environment of our community. TEDxHouston: RESONATE will explore the external impact that our diverse voices have on society, and examine the internal resonance that our community's cultural frequencies create within each of us.

We're exploring how seemingly conflicting disciplinary forms can work harmoniously to amplify their impact -- for example, the relationships between freedom and structure in education, or the way a complex system can be understood in micro and macro perspectives. These dichotomies are a crucial part of the language of resonance. Every wave has a peak and a trough which simultaneously oppose and define each other. These two extremes dance in a dynamic relationship whose merger and compromise leads to movement, change, and progress. The creative friction between opposites, even when they seem mutually exclusive, creates energy required to move the system forward.

East and West ... Foreground and Background ... Complexity and Simplicity ... Inward and Outward ... All of these dualities are at the essence of the unified underlying mechanisms that drive us forward. We hope that by exploring the dynamics, tensions, interplay and flow of what may seem like contradicting concepts and processes, TEDxHouston 2012 will RESONATE with our community and inspire people to be open to dichotomies, comfortable with contradictions. and to embrace positive change.

Asia Society Center
1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX
Houston, Texas, 77004
United States
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Houston, TX, United States


Houston, TX, United States
  • Tim DeSilva
  • Kara M. Gray