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Theme: The Conversation Continues

This event occurred on
December 2, 2011
6:00pm - 10:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi
South Korea

At TEDxEwhaWomen, we will share new and diverse stories about women and minorities that weren't often discussed.
As an event open to all those in Korea, we will share valuable ideas with those curious about our stories and create a ground for networking.

TEDxWomen is live-streamed to about 100 TEDx events simultaneously/within 24 hours, and TEDxEwha joins this trend as the only event in Korea in collaboration with TEDxWomen.
Through this event, we seek to share diverse stories of the women in Korea and the world.
(This event supports both Korean and English. Foreigners in Korea are welcomed to join!)

This event also ties strongly with the 125 years long history of the Ewha Womans University.
As Korea's first women’s university, Ewha Womans University has established itself strongly as one of the best female-only University in the world. Ewha Womans University has led the advancement of women's lives in Korea through voicing many women-related social issues.
As a member of the local, Korean, and global community, Ewha Woman's University has brought to life meaningful values and actions for women and minorities.

Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
Cheonggyecheon-no 30, Jung-gu
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi, 100-180
South Korea
Event type:
TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Seoul, South Korea


Suwon City , South Korea
  • David Choo
    Organizer (TEDxItaewon Licensee)
  • Jooyong Moon
    Technician (TEDxSinchon Licensee)
  • Youngjin Kwon
    Technician (TEDxGNU Licensee)
  • Seorim Kim
    Attendee Curating Team, Translator
  • Hyunjoo Cho
    Attendee Curating Team
  • Uh Kyung
    PR.Media Team
  • Inyoung Hwang
    PR.Media Team, Designer
  • Sooyeon Kim
    Operation&Stage Design Team, Translator
  • Moonkyung Kim
    Operation&Stage Design Team
  • Miyoung Kang
    Finance Team