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Theme: Zeno Effect

This event occurred on
October 11, 2019
3:00pm - 10:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Al Minya, Al Minyā

TEDxYouth@TahaHusseinStreet is honored to present the main event theme of the year: The Zeno Effect
“A watched pot never boils”, an idiom we all heard in our childhood but have you ever thought that this may be true?
The Zeno Effect is a quantum-mechanical feature which states that “a system won’t change as long as there is an observer”, this means that the atoms’ state will never change when there is a factor that affects it by any shape or form.
But “The Zeno Effect” is not only detectable on the quantum-scale.
There were many stories that were found where a similar effect was produced on a larger scale in our life. We call this “The Human Zeno Effect”.
The Zeno effect could be affecting: large communities as a “standard” where it hurdles the community’s progress, technologies where a certain factor is preventing the technology from developing and overcoming it would lead to re-shaping the entire technology into producing an outcome that could change the world forever, or even ourselves. Hurdles, or what we call an “observer”, have always affected people and hindered them to their way to success. That’s the “Zeno Effect”.
The Zeno Effect must be “broken”, those obstacles must be passed, those factors must be removed, those standards must be overshadowed. And that’s the centerpiece of our event, our event would focus on telling the stories of people who broke their Zeno effects, who could “change” by getting rid of their “observer”, on sharing ideas that could break the Zeno effect. In a novel TEDx introduction in Upper Egypt, with its most authentic form ever, the one where it’s not just about motivational messages, but about spreading ideas that are truly “worth spreading”.

Minya Conference Hall - Armed forces Club
SHARE SAVE sharq el nil، DOWNTOWN، EL MENIA، Menia Governorate
Al Minya, Al Minyā, 61111
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Youth (What is this?)
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Minya , Egypt


Cairo, Egypt
  • Sohila Ammary