x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Glass ceilings: Breaking Norms

This event occurred on
March 23, 2019
11:00am - 5:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Shenzhen, China, Guangdong

TEDxYouth@SWIS is the first ever youth event to be organized by Shen Wai International School school. The theme of the event"Glass ceilings: breaking Norms" revolves around some major ideas like Impact of popular culture on the food choices people make and its impact on ecosystem. In other words what can be an alternative to random selection of animals for meat so that environmental ecosystem can be conserved.
There is also an emphasis on importance of breaking language barrier to connect to rest of the world and how it can benefit an enterprise & an individual. The event has more women speakers to spread the message that we live in a world of equality and there should be more woman representation. Theme mainly focuses on how one can inspire their-self to do something beyond the normal convention and make a rewarding and a satisfying career.
The event is an effort to bring out the youth of Shenzhen city on a platform who with changing times have got out of their comfort zone and carved a niche for themselves with a clear objective and inspiration.
TEDxYouth@SWIS event will have interesting TED videos and some performances by the musicians to keep the interest and focus of the audience alive till the end. It's a full day event starting at 11.00a.m. and finishing at 5.00 p.m. Food and snacks will be served to the invited guests and attendees.

Shen Wai International School
29 Baishi 3rd Road, Nanshan
Shenzhen, China, Guangdong, 518053
Event type:
Youth Standard (What is this?)
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Dai Yi

Shenzhen Overseas High-level Talent (Peacock Project), Senior Engineer.
In 2012, Yi Dai served as the Managing Director of Shenzhen Bominwell System Engineering Co. Ltd.Later he founded Shenzhen Bominwell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., serving as the Chairman and Chief Technology Executive Officer, he is responsible for major technology development within the company. This year, Dai received the Science and Technology Innovation Individual Award in Shenzhen Longhua New District. In 2015, he was awarded the Overseas Personnel Innovation Fund set by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. Dai’s company has its multi-functional special robot platform “Dinosaur” which was awarded the featured products of Shenzhen Longhua New District in 2015. Bominwell's Peek series periscope is currently the most advanced homogenized product in China. Bominwell is also a leading company in China specializing in vascular network detection robots and cloud platform management systems for urban underground space.

David Liu

Creative design engineer Tencent- Philanthropy
David Liu is a user experience practitioner, graduated from University of British Columbia with a degree in Engineering and Commerce. David has more than 15 years of experience in user experience design and management across various sectors: E-commerce, Search, Information Security, Education and Charity. David also actively participates in volunteer consulting and various charity activities. David is currently the lead designer for Tencent Charity, with a mission to connect Charity organizations and CSR with the public by delivering innovative experiences.

Di Cao

Social- worker and fund raiser
Di Cao a writer, a businesswoman, and a mother of two and is a Columbia University graduate with her concentration in Social Enterprise Administration and International Social Welfare. During Di’s studies at Columbia University, she worked with the United Nations as a Youth Advocate intern for the Sustainable Development Goals through direct public engagement, innovative communication technology (e.g. Virtual Reality) and big data. Di has 15 years of experience in media and business. Di used to work for the Phoenix Television Network, advocating for social development in China. She co-founded her business of home appliances at the age of 27, the company has been listed in the Chinese stock market since 2013. Di is a full-time fundraiser. Her job is to raise money for a variety of social causes.

Jennifer Fong Yan

General Manager, Stronging Automation Group China H.O.
Jennifer joined Stronging Automation, which is her family enterprise in 2002, to set up branches in Mainland China. Stronging is committed to becoming a leading product distributor and system integrator in the factory automation market in China. Stronging is the biggest distributors of Mitsubishi Electric automation products in mainland China. Jennifer worked for an international Shenzhen bank before joining her family business. She was in-charge of foreign exchange business, import and export financing, corporate and syndicated credit. Jennifer is one of the first locals to become a senior manager of a foreign bank in Shenzhen. Jennifer has a passion for food and is called ‘Breakfast Mum’ by her friends. She shares her breakfast recipes and her thoughts about life and work through her social media account which has regular and high readership.

Sheng Sitong

Founder and CEO, Considerin Group, China
Sitong Sheng is the brain behind the HYK gene sequencing company. HYK Gene was officially established in Shenzhen in 2008 but the R&D began before, while he was doing research at his own laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sheng already had an idea to start a company and commercialize the technology but didn't know if it was better to do it in the US or in China. Encouragement of the then-Minister of Health of China, Minister Chen Zhu, helped Sheng to take his novel technology to China to establish a truly Chinese innovative gene sequencing company – with its own independent intellectual property rights and patents. Sheng was therefore invited back as one of the first batch of China’s ‘Thousand Talents Plan’. HYK Gene is a product company. While China is now a global giant in the field of genome sequencing, the vast majorities of players here do not have their own products but rather, act as users or distributors for foreign products.

Yu Xiao

Co-founder and COO of China Cup International Regatta
Yu Xiao co-founded the first international big boat regatta in China in 2006. Now it is the most professional regatta in China and the most influential regatta in Asia-Pacific. Yu Xiao started her career as a radio DJ and had established her reputation since then. In 2000, she launched ‘The Material World’ book club. The club has become an iconic cultural hub for book lovers and one of the most influential book stores in the city. Being a Radio DJ and a female entrepreneur, she is also involved in many cultural and sports related activities that are not traditionally female dominated where she has become successful in both areas. Yu Xiao’s experiences are all about how to break traditional perceptions and work against stereotypes.

Zhaoxu Nan

Environmentalist, publisher and documentary producer
Zhaoxu Nan is a most well known face in Shenzhen. He is the author of Memory of Shenzhen, Behind the Old Files of Shenzhen, Notes of Landscape in Shenzhen, and Natural Notes of Cross-waters. Nan is also the producer of many documentaries such as Migration, Memories of People in Shenzhen, and Traveling Across Time and Landscape: Life of People in Shenzhen. Zhaoxu Nan moved to Shenzhen in 1980s. In his young age, Zhaoxu Nan worked and taught in universities. Starting from mid -1990s, Zhaoxu Nan started to explore and do natural research at various mountains, rivers and seashores in and around Shenzhen. He also trod over villages and rural areas, discovering, analyzing and documenting what he saw and researched from the perspective of a writer, a teacher, and a publisher.

Organizing team


Mumbai, India


  • Andy S Yao
  • Emmet O'Halloran
  • Eugene Leonard
  • Henry Zhang
  • Malcolm Mawhinney
  • Shane Ryan