x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Call to Action for the Youth

This event occurred on
March 3, 2012
9:00am - 12:00pm HKT
(UTC +8hrs)
Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong

TEDxDragonBackRidge began with a prolonged fostering of idealism, and an intervention of another TEDx event. This was an explosion of inspiration that activated into action. This is what we want to do for the youth of Hong Kong. TEDxDragonBackRidge is an independently organized, non-profit, sponsored event that is open for all to apply. It is aimed at inspiring action and connection amongst youth living in one of Asia's fastest developing cities.

It will be a half-day event featuring short talks by Hong Kong's local leaders of today, ending with a dinner with conversations and engagement.

We are a group of 20 students, aged 15 to 18 organizing this with the guidance of a few teachers and parents. We believe in ideas worth spreading, and in the power of the people. The whole act of putting on this event is already achieving our theme of a call to action for the youth.

TEDxDragonBackRidge will be reaching out to all those willing to make things happen. It is about turning ideas into action to give back to the community.

The youth of Hong Kong are educated and informed of global issues, but now we need them not only to be learning about it, but to be applying it as well.

TEDxDragonBackRidge is for people to come out inspired, empowered, and believing in their power to change no matter the age or circumstances. Everyone has that in them, but sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to see and take the opportunities around us.

TEDxDragonBackRidge will take place in the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, at the Leo Lee Arts Centre's foyer. It will happen on the 26th of November, 2011, with the time to be confirmed.

It is an intimate venue with an outside balcony facing the views of the Ap Lei Chau Harbour and the South China Sea beyond. This space is all about celebrating the arts - the foyer showcases student art where every wall is covered by framed artwork and display cases of sculptures. We thank the Canadian International School for generously providing the venue.

More details to come.

Leo Lee Arts Centre
36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong
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Organizing team




  • Meaghan Bate
    Co-organizer and Sponsorship Outreach
  • Jeremy Hung
    Productions Curator
  • Matthew Chiu
    Venue Logistics
  • Jennifer Bate
    Supervisor of Venue Logistics
  • Clara Fung
    Stage Design
  • Cherie Au
    Stage Design
  • Sharon Lacoste McDonagh
    Supervisor of Stage Design
  • Hoi Yu Suen
    Finance and Budget
  • Raz Gal-Or
    Finance and Budget
  • Len Archer
    Supervisor of Finance and Budget
  • Yonnie Chan
    Public Relations
  • Sofie Samuelsson
    Public Relations
  • Liem Hackett
    Public Relations
  • Tiffany Ng
    Public Relations
  • Gabrielle Munoz
    Public Relations
  • Daun Yorke
    Supervisor of Public Relations
  • Eric Nielsen
    Sponsorship Outreach
  • Eric Maurin
    Sponsorship Outreach
  • Michelle Lau
    Participant Outreach
  • Mattie Chan
    Participant Outreach
  • Karen Bongrain
    Participant Outreach
  • Crystal Li
    Participant Outreach
  • Nasci Lobo
    Supervisor of Participant Outreach and Liaison
  • Jonathan Hamilton
  • Bob Bate
  • Charmaine Da Costa
    Logo Design