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This event occurred on
April 28, 2017
6:00pm - 8:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Lefkosia, Lefkosia

The talks shall feature practical applications of new innovations in energy Science and Technology; The roles of government and institutions of learning in reducing urban segregation; Digging deeper into the objectification of women’s body parts i.e. The representation of women in the media..

Amphi 3
Cyprus International University
Lefkosia, Lefkosia, via Mersin 10
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University (What is this?)
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Student of Visual Arts and Communication Design at Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, Cyprus
In a world filled with negative narratives, Chad has dedicated his life to impacting as many people as possible through healthy and authentic communication. He is currently taking an extended educational sabbatical from an international English teaching career, returning to university to pursue a degree in Visual Arts and Communication Design at Eastern Mediterranean University. His global endeavors have afforded him a taste for travel, a knack for language learning, and a passion to change the world by fostering mutual cultural understanding. His more casual interests include food, photography, story telling, competitive swimming, and dogs-the smaller and uglier the better.


Research Assistant, International Office, Cyprus International University.
Clifford Agyei is a licensed educator and a strong advocate for character education. He started his Bachelors from University of Education Ghana, obtained his International teaching certificate from university of South Africa, holds a master’s degree from University of Concordia-Portland Oregon- USA and is currently a master student in Communication and Media Studies department-CIU. He has published academic essays on Character education. His passion is to see ethical behavior from all aspects of leadership. He writes novels, poetry and programs for radio and TV.


Business Networking Academy, Founder and Bestseller Networking Book, Author
Ertugrul Belen founded Business Networking Academy in order to support professionals and entrepreneurs improve result-driven and effective business relations, and determine strategies towards their network in the light of their respective goals. Describing Networking as the Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known™, Belen has instructed various international companies, BIST 100 Turkey’s top listed organizations and more than 50 thousand professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide, as part of the copyrighted Networking courses and quick meeting sessions titled Speed Networking, in Turkey and the region.vIn addition to offering Networking courses, Speed Networking practices and the CEO Networking Program, Belen is the author of the bestseller "Networking: The Art of Meeting, Referring and Getting Known, The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship. He continues to publish Networking articles on a regular basis. Belen is a certified Professional Coach (Science of Coaching).  


Doctoral Student
Mr. Ifeoluwa Wole-Osho completed his Bachelors in physics and Masters in Electrical Electronics Engineering. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Energy System Engineering with a focus on “Grid Interconnection” at Cyprus international University. He is also the President of the Nigeria Student Union – Cyprus International University (NSU-CIU). He is passionate about Politics, Science, Economics and how Human activity is affecting the environment, as well as the role of renewable energy in combating climate change. His enthusiasm across a range of disciplines has ultimately led him to general human studies, including the historical politics and ideologies of human existence.


Isaac Yamikani Kaputalamba is a graduate with an honours degree in Marketing Management currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration. He is a writer ,poet, presenter among other things.He involves himself in a lot of volunteer work in the community.He believes in God and that one can become a better person through helping other people . He is interested in living a healthy life.He is passionate about the development of character and believes it is the true reason for education.He calls himself a person of the future and always believes being around smart people is key


Professor in the Faculty of Communication at Cyprus International University
Jonathan Stubbs is a Professor in the Faculty of Communication at Cyprus International University. Before arriving in Cyprus he worked and studied in the UK and Canada, gaining a BA at the University of Warwick, an MA from the University of British Columbia and a PhD from the University of East Anglia. He is the author of Historical Film: A Critical Introduction (2013) as well as various journal articles and he is currently writing a book about the representation of English history in Hollywood cinema.


Liam Vries is a graphic designer from Zimbabwe with a love for design, it has always been his passion and what better to have a career in than something you live and breathe. For him, design is a way to determine how things function, not just how they look. Design involves assembling the right people, asking and responding to questions, and iterating forms continuously. What really interests him is the question of how we design our environment and graphic design plays a minor, yet complex part in it for it’s supportive to all other cultural disciplines but, as an exception, has no purpose without them. This interrelation is what makes it quite universal for being a detail and that’s a good starting point. He only works with carte blanche and aims to create a certain mood whilst keeping things as plain as possible.


CEO JeivaWorld Studios/Jeivacity Productions, Research Assistant (Content Development RTV) Cyprus International University.
Miss Onotina Jeiva Olorunfemi is a writer, film maker, radio DJ and brand redefinition specialist. She is currently a phd student of communication and media studies with research interests in the history of film, mainstream media, the new media, special effects workshops and the effects of the later on the global public sphere. Her growing up years were purely science oriented up till she obtained her first degree in Microbiology. However, having served in several capacities including in finance organizations and medical labs, she learnt that everything revolves around creativity and so she branched out fully into creative media production. She is currently the CEO of Jeivacity Productions "an all encompassing media conglomerate with a vision to provide a platform for all forms of artistic expressions".


Namibian young lady chasing a Bachelors Degree in International Relations. She is an avid observer, a critical thinker and a feminist. Positioned somewhere between a young heart, an old soul and her actual age. She detests mediocrity and believes that everything should be done well or not at all. She procrastinates a lot but has an excellent work ethic. She likes listening to people speak about their life stories and finding real life humans that fit the fictional characters she reads about in books.

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