x = independently organized TED event

Theme: SMALL is the new big

This event occurred on
June 6, 2014
9:00am - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Monaco, Monaco-Ville

TEDxIUM will be held on June 6, 2014 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The TEDx event, co-sponsored with the International University of Monaco (IUM), is proud to host the first TEDx in Monaco, a principality fitting and reflective of the theme "SMALL is the new big". The students and faculty of IUM will organize this event for the university and its community.

Something exciting, revolutionary and thought provoking is coming to the International University of Monaco. The TEDx movement has been a highly successful series of independently run events across 100 university and college campuses, in over 70 countries, 37 languages and with numerous attendees.

TEDxIUM is a self-organized, invitation-only event featuring a day of "Ideas worth spreading". True to the format of TED conferences, TEDxIUM presenters will give the talk of their lives in less than 18 minutes. The diversity of speakers and their breadth of experience ranges from academia and psychology to sports, music and the arts.

"SMALL is the new big" is the perfect theme for the first TEDx in Monaco, since despite being the second smallest country in the world with an area of ~2 square km, it is home to many successes. Though small in size, Monaco has accomplished World-wide achievements: it has a seat in the UN and it is home to many innovations such as 50+ years of coral and marine research (Centre Scientific de Monaco), record breaking electric engines (Venturi), under water living (SeaOrbiter), not to mention having a top football team (AS Monaco FC).

Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world with approximately 37,000 residents and more than 120 nationalities living and working together in harmony. Monaco's success is driven by passionate people who follow their dreams, for with "SMALL" steps one can achieve big results. This can only be done by thinking big. No idea is too small to have an impact in the world; the key is to start, think big, and the impact will follow. Studies show that small companies are more successful and profitable than big companies, so…start thinking big!

What is your SMALL idea?
What is your passion?
What is your dream?
Just go for it …

Our goal for TEDxIUM is to:
Share some of the fascinating ideas of our IUM professors - what is their SMALL idea
Share the ideas of speakers within our community that have had big impact while executing their SMALL ideas
Share the stories of our speakers to show that with passion and dreams no idea is too SMALL
Motivate the students of IUM and the community to work on their SMALL ideas so others can benefit from them
To help people think about their SMALL idea, their passion, their dreams
To ignite a spark in people to think big
To make sure our audience learns something new from every TEDxIUM talk

The event, organized by IUM MBA students and faculty, will take place at the Novotel Hotel in Monaco on 6 June 2014. Tickets will go on sale in May, stay tuned!

Novotel Monte Carlo
16 Bld Princesse Charlotte
Monaco, Monaco-Ville, 98000
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Quinn Pendleton
  • Samantha Barbero
    Coaching & Social Media
  • Svetlana Berezovska
  • Carlos Cabal
  • Angie Clavijo
    Branding & Sourcing
  • Max Glynianchuk
    Technical & Website
  • Nuriya Khusainova
    Branding & Sourcing
  • Ana Krndija
  • Yulia Nefedieva
  • Toma Omelchenko
  • Pierre Petrovic
  • Zhanna Pikhulya
    Creative & Stage
  • Tracy Rohan
    Press & Livestream