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Theme: Imagination

This event occurred on
May 25, 2014
10:00am - 5:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Fuzhou, Fujian

We have developed a lot of logic and knowledge since the industrial revolution, which have bound us and made an unbalanced society. The world asks for creative innovation urgently. As the enlightenment city of China in modern times, how could Fuzhou anticipate in this innovative world? We need imagination, which is the wellhead of discovery, invention and creativity. TEDxFuzhou plan to take three years to free imagination and lighten the spirits of Fuzhou. This is the first year, we will explore, experience and discuss what imagination is, how it works, and why it is so important.

Shou Mountain, Jin An District
Fuzhou, Fujian
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Jiang Hang Li

A Chinese monochromes painter. From paper, ink, to painting, he insists on the traditional spirit. He will bring us to feel the imagination and soul of Chinese monochromes.

Bing Chen

His company is the leading scientific camera manufacturer in China. He will tell us his experience about dreams and imagination.

Lawrence Wong

He is a digital marketing pioneer with great passion. Lawrence once worked for Lee Kum Kee as Global Digital Head, and now he is working for AIG Road Safety as Social Media & Digital Director. He has been invited as speaker on many digital conferences. At his spare time, he is leading TEDtoChina, a Chinese volunteer group which is dedicated to bringing in the rich learning experiences of TED to the internet community in China. TEDtoChina becomes one of the most influential innovative and educational online community in China. This special digital project once won the Prize of Digital Communities in Cyber Arts Competition in Austria.

Jie Chen

She is a young independent filmmaker in China. She said, her puzzle for lives is her primary inspiration. She wants to hear more answers from others, and she creates an imaginative export for her puzzles, that is film.

Zhao Wei Xiao

He is an old and famous doctor of Chinese traditional medicine, and also a collector and recorder of Fujian Chinese traditional medicine from modern times. He spent more than 30 years to collect the medicine records, the literature and art achievement of Chinese traditional doctors in Fuzhou.

Ze Ming Chen

He created a musical sensory integration system. He did research in children education since 11 years ago, and still keeps active even when he is 60 years old now.

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Bing Guo


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Fuzhou, China


Fuzhou,Fujian, China
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