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Transcribed by Morton Bast
Reviewed by Thu-Huong Ha

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11:16 Chris Anderson: You guys were amazing. That's amazing. (Applause) You just don't hear that every day.

11:25 (Laughter)

11:27 Usman, the official story is that you learned to play the guitar by watching Jimmy Page on YouTube.

11:33 Usman Riaz: Yes, that was the first one. And then I — That was the first thing I learned, and then I started progressing to other things. And I started watching Kaki King a lot, and she would always cite Preston Reed as a big influence, so then I started watching his videos, and it's very surreal right now to be —

11:53 (Laughter) (Applause)

12:00 CA: Was that piece just now, that was one of his songs that you learned, or how did that happen?

12:05 UR: I'd never learned it before, but he told me that we would be playing that on stage, so I was familiar with it, so that's why I had so much more fun learning it. And it finally happened, so ... (Laughter)

12:18 CA: Preston, from your point of view, I mean, you invented this like 20 years ago, right? How does it feel to see someone like this come along taking your art and doing so much with it?

12:28 Preston Reed: It's mind-blowing, and I feel really proud, really honored. And he's a wonderful musician, so it's cool.

12:40 (Laughter)

12:42 CA: I guess, I don't think there is like a one-minute other piece you guys can do? Can you? Do you jam? Do you have anything else?

12:50 PR: We haven't prepared anything.

12:53 CA: There isn't. I'll tell you what. If you have another 30 or 40 seconds, and you have another 30 or 40 seconds, and we just see that, I just think — I can feel it. We want to hear a little more. And if it goes horribly wrong, no worries.

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