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Timothy Ihrig recommends

These elections represent works that have inspired, challenged, educated and enchanted me through my journey in healthcare as a student, physician, educator, administrator and caregiver of my parents. Each engages a sense of self-awareness and what it means to truly live, live with illness, live as a caregiver and live a good death. Expounding that choice exists only with true informed consent, being mindful of the interdependency of options to policy, economics, culture and aforementioned self-awareness, true informed consent is the key to transcending life and medicine.

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    Palliative Care Perspectives

    James Hallenbeck, MD
    Oxford University Press, 2003

    As an introduction to both the art and science of palliative care, this book reflects the perspectives of one physician who has dedicated his career to this rapidly evolving field. The book links real stories of illness with practical advice, thereby delineating clinical practice in a way that reflects the daily concerns of clinicians.

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    Dying Well: Peace and Possibilities at the End of Life

    Ira Byock, MD
    Riverhead Books, 1998

    Dying Well brings us to the homes and bedsides of families with whom Dr. Byock has worked, telling stories of love and reconciliation in the face of tragedy, pain, medical drama and conflict. Through the true stories of patients, he shows us that a lot of important emotional work can be accomplished in the final months, weeks and even days of life.

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    A Chat with Dr. Diane Meier, MD – Part I - IV

    Michael Curtis, 2013

    I get to meet some remarkable people. Bright, talented, and passionate, the folks I talk with draw me into their worlds and help me see life from new vantage points. Life is richer for meeting all of them, but every now and then someone I interview really makes an impression. Last fall I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Diane E. Meier, one of the foremost pioneers in the field of palliative care.

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    Who Shall Live? Health, Economics And Social Choice

    Victor R. Fuchs
    World Scientific, 2011

    Students, teachers, physicians, and general readers from more than a dozen fields have found this book to be a reader-friendly, authoritative introduction to economic concepts applied to health and medical care. Fuchs provides clear explanations and memorable examples of the importance of the non-medical determinants of health, the dominant role of physicians in health care expenditures, the necessity of choices about health at the individual and societal levels and many other compelling themes.