Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
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Tommy Mizzone: Tonight we're going to play you two songs. We're three brothers from New Jersey, and the funny thing is that, believe it or not, we are hooked on bluegrass and we're excited to play it for you tonight. (Music) (Applause) TM: Thank you, thank you. (Applause) Robbie Mizzone: Thank you. I'm Robbie Mizzone. I'm 13, and I play the fiddle. This is my brother, Jonny. He's 10, and he plays the banjo. And on guitar is my 14-year-old brother, Tommy. (Applause) We call ourselves the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. (Music) (Applause) TM: Thank you. JM: Thank you all. TM: Thank you very much.