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Rachel Armstrong recommends

Want to find out more about living technologies? Check out this detailed list of resources prepared exclusively for TED by Armstrong.

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    Black Sky Thinking

    This is the home for my work on living technologies as well as my other multi-disciplinary projects. The connecting thread: audacity, vision and a sense of ever-changing outcomes that have presented new discoveries within their development.

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    Rachel Armstrong: Children of the industrial revolution

    TEDxDanubia 2011

    In this talk, I discuss how our ideas about the nature of technology are framed by our experience of mechanical technologies — and what it might mean if we had access to a completely different kind of manufacturing platform.

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    Combining nature and technology

    FutureFest 2013

    In this talk, I examine how nature may be regarded as a technological platform in the 21st century.

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    Rachel Armstrong: Creating carbon negative architecture


    I gave this talk at TED in Long Beach. It examines how a living paint may be able to 'eat' carbon dioxide and change color when it is 'full.'

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    Koert van Mensvoort: Next nature, the nature caused by people

    TEDxDanubia 2013

    The Dutch designer, scientist and philosopher challenges our ideas about the natural world with his ideas about 'next nature,' which he defines as the convergence of ecology, technology and culture.

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    Arne Hendriks: The incredible shrinking man

    TEDxBrainport 2012

    This Dutch artist challenges our assumptions about ecology and culture in a series of radical projects and artworks such as 'The Incredible Shrinking Man,' which suggests we can comfortably continue with our current lifestyles — providing we can shrink ourselves down to an ideal height of 50 centimeters.

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    Eric Woolery-Grimm and Tim Bentley: Harnessing the power of ocean life

    TEDxMonterey 2012

    Sustainable Now Technologies is a Long Beach-based group of radical technologists who are working on sustainable, natural forms of computing and technology as a far-reaching range of environmentally beneficial products. For example, their research in algaeponics is geared towards putting algae biodiesel fuel stations in garages. That will allow you to take local trips around town without EVER having to fill up at a gas station!

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    Sarah Jane Pell: Aquabat explores extreme environments

    TEDxSydney 2010

    Sarah Jane Pell is an Australian artist and professional diver whose work envisages a time when humanity is forced to adapt to life in extreme environments such as the sea and space.

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    Lucy McRae: How can technology transform the human body?


    Australian artist Lucy McRae is a body architect who challenges our notions about what it means to be human by looking at our intimate relationship with technology.

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    Earth 2 Hub

    This is a radical ecological design group working on a digital platform to imagine how our planet may be different if it was 'upgraded' by the global use of ecological technologies. They bring together leading-edge international creatives, scientists, technologists and futurists to explore how new science, new technology and new thinking could positively impact the future.