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Michael Metcalfe recommends

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    Factsheet on Special Drawing Right (SDR)

    International Monetary Fund

    A more detailed description of the history and uses of Special Drawing Rights including the special issuance in 2009.

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    Between Debt and the Devil, Lord Adair Turner

    Adair Turner
    Princeton University Press, 2015

    An in-depth look at debt addiction through the ages, the fallacy of fiat money and how printing it really isn't as unorthodox as we are led to believe. For those who believe that secular stagnation is real, this is a great read to see what monetary policy could look like in five years' time.

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    Financing the Response to Climate Change

    International Monetary Fund
    Hugh Bredenkamp and Catherince Pattillo, 2010

    An IMF staff position note on the potential benefits of setting up a Green Climate fund and how this could be financed using Special Drawing Rights.

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    Financing the Green Climate Fund

    Dr. Matthias Kroll
    World Future Council, 2015

    A related idea that explores in detail how central banks could purchase Green Climate Bonds as a part of a "QE for climate" programme.

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    Historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change

    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

    A synopsis of the Paris climate agreement in December 2015 including the re-commitment to defining a clear roadmap on ratcheting up climate finance to USD100bn by 2020.