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Speaking in public is a live wire act — and even the most accomplished presenters sometimes make mistakes. Here, Leyla Acaroglu sets the record straight.

  • 06:43

    Here I mention that fridges are growing larger by a cubic foot every year, but this is actually true for every decade. In 2014, refrigerators averaged 22.5 cubic feet, up from 19.6 cubic feet in 1980, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

  • 07:23

    I say that the UK government produced the "Soggy Lettuce Report." In fact, it was published by Prudential PLC, an international financial services group based in the UK, and was mentioned in a report by WRAP, a government-funded not-for-profit agency in the UK.

  • 11:05

    Here I state that "one day of extra energy use from boiling kettles is enough to light all of the streetlights in England for a night." Actually, the Energy Saving Trust concluded that if everyone in the UK boiled only the water they needed each time they use the kettle for one year, it would save enough electricity to power their street lights for two months. Subsequent articles have come up with different figures based on EST's report but that's the most accurate so far!

  • 13:38

    I mentioned that in Australia there are 22 million unused phones in people's drawers. In fact, the most recent report from MobileMuster (which recycles phones in Australia) put that figure at more than 23 million unwanted mobiles in Australia, which is a staggering amount!