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0:11 I’m working a lot with motion and animation, and also I'm an old DJ and a musician. So, music videos are something that I always found interesting, but they always seem to be so reactive. So I was thinking, can you remove us as creators and try to make the music be the voice and have the animation following it? So with two designers, Tolga and Christina, at my office, we took a track — many of you probably know it. It’s about 25 years old, and it's David Byrne and Brian Eno — and we did this little animation. And I think that it's maybe interesting, also, that it deals with two problematic issues, which are rising waters and religion.

1:25 Song: Before God destroyed the people on the Earth, he warned Noah to build an Ark. And after Noah built his Ark, I believe he told Noah to warn the people that they must change all their wicked ways before he come upon them and destroy them. And when Noah had done built his Ark, I understand that somebody began to rend a song. And the song began to move on I understand like this. And when Noah had done built his Ark ... Move on ... In fact ... Concern ... So they get tired, has come dark and rain; they get weary and tired. And then he went and knocked an old lady house. And old lady ran to the door and say, "Who is it?" Jack say, "Me, Mama-san, could we spend the night here? Because we’re far from home, we’re very tired." And the old lady said, "Oh yes, come on in." It was come dark and rain, will make you weary and tired.

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