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Ed Boyden recommends

Check out more resources on neuroengineering, curated by Ed Boyden.

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    How the Brain Is Computing the Mind, 2016

    An interview for on why we don't understand the brain and why neural tools that aim for getting 'ground truth' data -- going for the most fundamental level of detail possible -- will help.

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    Engineering Revolutions

    World Economic Forum, 2016

    A lecture on why 21st century problems are harder than 20th century problems -- and how we can solve them through developing new kinds of science that reduce risk by being systematic and avoiding assumptions:

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    Parallel Discovery of Alzheimer’s Therapeutics

    Andrew W. Lo, Carole Ho, Jayna Cummings and Kenneth S. Kosik
    Science Translational Medicine, 2014

    MIT business school professor Andrew Lo explains how we understand so little about Alzheimer's disease that it's actually too high a risk for most companies to tackle. Perhaps the solution is to lower the risk by getting fundamental understandings of Alzheimer's.

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    Peter Thiel Explains Biotech Investing Rationale: Get Rid of Randomness

    Antonio Regalado
    MIT Technology Review, 2015

    One of the challenges with biotechnology generally is that biology feels too complicated and too random. It feels like there are too many things that can go wrong. By accelerating fundamental understanding, we can reduce this risk.

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    Is Pharma Running Out of Brainy Ideas?

    Greg Miller
    Science, 2010

    An article about how brain disorders are so complex, industry is kind of giving up on them.