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Dan Pink recommends

Pink shares useful resources on motivation and work — including the one book that every parent must read immediately.

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    The Talent Code

    Daniel Coyle
    Arrow Books, 2010

    A savvy and snappy compilation of some of the best research on talent. I've given away more than a dozen copies of this one — including to my own kids.

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    Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2008

    The classic book that introduced the idea of "flow" — those delicious moments when the challenge we face is so exquisitely matched to our capabilities that we lose our sense of time, even our sense of self.

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    Why We Do What We Do

    Edward L. Deci and Richard Flaste
    Penguin Books, 1996

    Edward L. Deci is a legend in the study of motivation, and this 1996 book offers a nice early introduction to his work.

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    Carol Dweck
    Ballantine Books, 2007

    One the most important books a parent can read. Seriously. Get it now.

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    The Sports Gene

    David Epstein
    Current Trade, 2014

    A fascinating book that shows that in some pursuits, practice, practice, practice is more effective when you've got the right genes, genes, genes.

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    The War of Art

    Steven Pressfield
    Black Irish Entertainment, 2012

    An essential read on overcoming resistance in the quest for mastery.

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    Readings on self-determination theory

    Much of the work I write about in Drive comes out of the University of Rochester. You can find a great selection of academic papers on self-determination theory online.

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    Dan Pink: My 5 favorite TED Talks on work

    You can't go wrong by watching my five favorite TED Talks about work.