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Adam Galinsky recommends

Check out these reading resources, documentaries and films on social science, curated by Adam Galinsky.

Social science books

These books brilliantly demonstrate how social science research can be conveyed to a broader audience. They were exhilarating to read and provided the inspiration for me to write my own book.

Documentary films

These films, directed by my twin brother and his wife, all follow societal outsiders trying to find their voice and speak up against powerful and corrupting systems.

Fiction books

These books convey the search for identity and how distinct perspectives can shape the way people view the world in dramatically different ways. Partly motivated by these books, my dissertation began a life-long study into perspective-taking.

Fictional films

These films portray people searching to find their voice and striving to give voice to others.


These speeches show how one's voice can help connect people to higher ideals and purposes.