Jessica Woods

Sport and performance consultant
Jessica Woods is an accomplished global business, sport and transformational coach, speaker and author.

Why you should listen

Jessica Woods holds a PhD in performance psychology, a master's in clinical mental health and a master's in sport-exercise psychology. She has established herself as a global influencer and now spends her time presenting around the world. She has worked with professional athletes, congressional staff, FBI, CIA and US Special Forces. Dr. Woods helps her clients develop mental readiness, emotional intelligence and self-confidence to optimize their potential both on a personal and professional level.

Dr. Woods has dedicated her life to understanding how athletes and tactical populations think, behave and are motivated. She is known as "the queen of applied sciences." Her ambition to provide quality training programs has opened the door for a diverse number of elite populations to have access to resources to help enhance their performance. The joy in giving back joined with her innate ability to read others and her love for teaching has led her to create Ultier, llc. Her vision is to expand and serve athletes, parents and coaches at all levels.

Jessica Woods’ TED talk