Start with TED’s power of curation, add the magic of artificial intelligence,
and top it off with recommendations from our global community. It’s a new
TED experience – completely personalized for you.

How it works

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    Tell us what interests and motivates you.
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    Watch your first recommendation and then let us know if you liked it or not.
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    Keep it going – your recommendations get better the more you watch.
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Ideas just for you, with TED Recommends

Choose what excites you. Whether it’s personal growth or shifting your perspective – there’s a whole world of ideas waiting for you.

Recommendations are written by members of TED’s global community. If you love an idea, you can recommend it to thousands of people too.

Personalized emails delivered right to your inbox. Each one includes a recommendation just for you, as well as info about what’s happening in your area.

The TED Recommends difference

AI + the TED Touch
More than 30 years of expert curation and advanced technology come together to provide you with amazing recommendations.
Quality, not quantity
That means fewer — but smarter — recommendations. You’ll only get updates when there’s an idea we think you’ll love.
TED happening near you
You’ll get notified about TED and TEDx events happening nearby, as well as ideas trending in your area.


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