TED Talks India: Nayi Soch — Episode 3

Episode 3 of TED Talks India: Nayi Soch. A brand new TED Talks series in Hindi hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

  1. 11:04
    Jasmeen Patheja Everyone deserves to be safe

    What does a woman never leave home without? A safety pin, a pointed nail file, red chili powder — some small weapon to fight off unwanted touches and grabs in public. When artist Jasmeen Patheja asked women to share this intimate detail of their lives, it made her point: everyone deserves safety. Her project, Blank Noise, helps to reclaim public safety for everyone through public projects that build trust and independence for everyone. Watch to the end for a thoughtful dialogue with host Shah Rukh Khan.

  2. 5:47
    Trisha Prabhu Rethink to stop cyber bullying

    Online bullying has real-world consequences, and young software engineer Trisha Prabhu saw a way to help. She invented a tool called ReThink that does one simple, elegant thing: it asks people, before they send a hurtful message, if they really want to say that. And most people, it turns out, say: well, actually, no. Hear the story of this clever invention.

  3. 10:30
    Sivamani Creative rhythms

    In nature, anything can be used to make a rhythm — as the legendary musician Sivamani proceeds to show us, playing a mind-blowing set of acoustic wonderment.

  4. 7:19
    Samar Jodha Listen to wisdom from the elders in your life

    In our age of rapid-fire technology, photographer Samar Jodha asks us to slow down and listen to the stories and wisdom of our elders. He shares his own stories of a project, interviewing hundreds of older people around India, gathering his own life experience and lessons along the way. Listen for a chance to share your own story.

  5. 8:37
    Karan Johar A letter to my children

    What have you learnt from your parents that you want to pass on to your children ? Filmmaker Karan Johar reads a heart-felt letter to his children sharing the values of his parents. At the end of the letter he wishes them to dream big. Watch the video of Karan Johar with the host Shahrukh Khan talking about paternal values.

  6. 6:04
    Bittu Sahgal Our most vital relationship is with our planet

    Legendary conservationist Bittu Sahgal explores India's natural treasures, from the tall Himalayas to the lush jungles to the flowing waters of the Ganges. He shares a message for children and adults alike: let's protect our glorious natural gifts. And it starts, he believes, with listening to children.