TED Talks India: Nayi Soch — Episode 2

Episode 2 of TED Talks India: Nayi Soch. A brand new TED Talks series in Hindi hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

  1. 10:00
    Javed Akhtar The gift of words

    "Do you know what I mean?" Legendary poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar asks why we seem to be losing our power to use words — and inspires us to better understand and communicate with one another using this near-magical tool that carries our culture across generations. (In Hindi with English subtitles)

  2. 8:12
    Shelja Sen How to talk (and listen) to your children

    Child psychologist Shelja Sen offers a new take on family communication, asking us to consider the effects our words have on our children — and showing a new model for helping kids solve their own problems. (In Hindi with English subtitles)

  3. 8:18
    Deepak Ramola Everyone has a life lesson to share

    Young writer and poet Deepak Ramola asks everyone he meets: "What has life taught you?" He believes that everyone has a hard-earned life lesson that might help someone else. He asks: If we listened to the world's life lessons, could we solve the world's problems? Watch to the end for two pieces of wise advice from host Shah Rukh Khan. (In Hindi with English subtitles)

  4. 4:51
    The Clinton Cerejo Band "Lafzon ka kafila"

    Need a little inspiration to collaborate and share your voice? Listen to this gorgeous performance that blends voices from India's leading musical arranger, Clinton Cerejo, and singers Bianca Gomes and Sudeep Jaipurwale. Follow along as they trade lyrics and lines in the song "Lafzon ka kafila." (In Hindi with English subtitles)

  5. 6:58
    Gurmehar Kaur The power — and the risk — of raising your voice

    One day, Gurmehar Kaur was a typical university student, deciding whether to go to the mall or the movies. The next, she was targeted with violent threats and online hatred. Why? Because she made a video that called for peace. She talks about the power of words, both positive and hateful — and shares why she refuses to be silenced. (In Hindi with English subtitles)

  6. 5:32
    Umesh Sachdev The future of voice technology

    What if we could speak to machines the way we speak to humans, and have them understand us? Umesh Sachdev is working on technology that can recognize language, dialect, tone and even feelings conveyed through the human voice. Preview a future where communication between man and machine has become easy, where you can embrace technology using only your voice. (In Hindi with English subtitles)