TEDx Global Gathering

The TEDx Global Gathering is a virtual, Google Hangout-based series of workshops designed to bring TEDx organizers and volunteers from all over the world together to meet, socialize with, and learn from one another. Hangouts are led by members of the TEDx community and TED/TEDx staff, and topics and languages vary by session. While the Global Gathering happens once a year, the TEDx Learning Hub offers online learning sessions year-round.

How you can get involved

TEDx organizers and team members can get involved by hosting and leading Hangouts, or by helping to organize the gathering as an administrator, co-organizer, or concierge. For more information, email phil@tedxseattle.com and request to join the TEDx Hangout Hosts Facebook group.

Developed by TEDx organizers, TEDx Community Projects provide ways for TEDx’ers to augment their TEDx experience.