TEDx Adventures

TEDx Adventures is an initiative that invites TEDx organizers to put ideas into action through curated activities before or after a TEDx event. Adventures can be led by TEDx organizers, team members, speakers, or community members and are meant to bring TEDx’ers into their community to explore ideas and start discussions.

How you can get involved

To find more information about TEDx Adventures, including a guide to hosting your own TEDx Adventure, visit the Adventures homepage at the TEDxBeaconStreet website.

More about this project

TEDx Adventures take TEDx to the streets

TEDx Adventures at TEDxBeaconStreet  (Photos by John Werner and Mike Ritter) Mastering the physics behind sailing in the Boston Harbor; mapping the brain in a neuroscience lab...

Developed by TEDx organizers, TEDx Community Projects provide ways for TEDx’ers to augment their TEDx experience.

Project Lead

John Werner
John Werner