How tos + TEDx workshop videos

Instructional videos can be invaluable when it comes to organizing a TEDx event. Check out our archive of brilliant TEDx’ers and TED staffers showing how it’s done.

TEDx videos: How-tos

How-to TEDx videos

"How to TEDx" is a series produced entirely by the TEDx community. Each video breaks down one aspect of organizing a TEDx event, and offers best practices for getting started.
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TEDx videos: tips from staff - Kelly and Reeves

Tips from TED staff

Advice for TEDx'ers from TED staff, shot at TED conferences.
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TEDx videos: workshop

TEDx workshop videos

Explore the best practices, clever innovations and personal breakthroughs presented by TEDx organizers at past conferences.
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TEDx community resources

Explore the more ways to get involved in and learn from the vibrant and ever-growing TEDx community.